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Grays Armory

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Grays Armory is Associate in Nursing historic building in Cleveland, Ohio. It had been designed by the Cleveland Grays, a non-public military company that was supported in 1837. This is often one in every of the oldest standing buildings in downtown Cleveland. The Grays Armory building predates the war. Excluding protective the town throughout riots or civil disturbances, the Cleveland Grays Armory has been long well-known for hosting the city’s premiere social events. Grays Armory has been witness to an extended tradition of nationalism and public service.
Cleveland sent them with pride to fight in each major yankee conflict from the war through warfare I]. Grays Armory attained repute as Associate in Nursing exclusive venue right from the start throughout the celebrations for Cleveland’s Centennial (1896). The Grays Armory events went manner on the far side the customary military balls and band concerts typical throughout that era. This building was originally designed to accommodate weapons and provides a drill hall for the militia; this structure quickly evolved into a significant civic center for the turn-of-the century Clevelanders.



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