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Gorakhpur is a city in the State of Uttar Pradesh. It is located a short distance from the Nepal border and the city is famous for its religious significance. The unique feature of the city is that it has religious embodiments for many religions. There are important religious buildings, shrines, monasteries of many religions. The city is a confluence of different religious belief and devotees of Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Sikhism and Jainism come to visit the place. The city is famous for its many Buddhist sites and ancient monuments can still be seen today. The food and culture of the city also reflect the various religions and beliefs that the city is home to. The city is famous for its art. There are galleries for paintings and sculptures that one can see in the city. Due to the Sufi influence, music is big part of the culture of the city. There are various folk dance shows and festivals that one can see in the city from time to time. Gorakhpur is urban city that is a combination of its cultural past and the modern present. Gorakhpur has a good transport system and is well connected to the rest of the Uttar Pradesh. It also has an military airbase which serves as an airport where domestic flights operate. The weather in Gorakhpur is much like the rest of the State of Uttar Pradesh. The summers are hot and dry and the winters are cold. Monsoon season brings abundant rainfall to the city.

Gorakhnath Temple,Gorakhpur

Gorakhnath Temple, Gorakhpur

Quick Facts-Edit

Category : Temples

Time Zone: UTC + 5:30 Hours

Pincode: 2730xx

STD Code: 551

Info Website: gorakhpur.nic.in

Best Time to Visit:  Throughout the year


The ancient Gorakhpur, in addition to modern, comprised the districts of Basti, Deoria, Azamgarh and parts of Nepal tarai. These region, which may be called as Gorakhpur Janpad, had been an important centre of Aryan culture and civilization.Gorakhpur was a part of the famous kingdom of Koshal, one of sixteen mahajanpadas in 6th Century B.C. The earliest known monarch ruling over this region with his capital at Ayodhya was IKSVAKU, who founded the solar dynasty of Kshatriya. It produced a number of illustratious kings till the accession of Ram, who was the greatest ruler of this dynasty. Since then, it remained an integral part of the erstwhile empires of Maurya, Shunga, Kushana , Gupta and Harsha dynasties. According to tradition, the Tharu king, Mausen of Madan Singh (900-950 A.D.) ruled over Gorakhpur city and the adjoining area.In medieval period, when the entire northern India lay prostrate before the Muslim ruler, Mohammad Ghori, the Gorakhpur region was not left out. For a longer period it remained under the sway of the muslim rulers, from Qutub-Ud-Din Aibak to Bahadur Shah.Tradition has it that Ala-ud-din Khilji (1296-1316) ordered the conversion of old shrine of Goraksha ( a popular deity ) of Gorakhpur into a mosque. However, on Akbar’s reorganisation of the empire, Gorakhpur gave its name to one of the five Sirkars comprising the province of Avadh.

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By Air : The Gorakhpur airport is located around 6 km from the center of the city. The airport is connected by a few flights to the rest of the country. There are taxi services from the airport to the city center. Private taxis cost around Rs 500.

By Train : The Gorakhpur railway station is a main station in the North East line. It is well connected to cities such as Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Nagpur, Varanasi, Lucknow and many other important cities.There are auto rickshaws and taxis are available from the railway station to the city.

By BUS : There are buses from major cities such as Agra, Delhi, Varansi, Lucknow, Mumbai, Gwalior and cities to Gorakhpur. There are state owned buses as well private buses. Government buses are cheaper, however they are not comfortable and travelling long distances in them are extremely tiring.

By Taxi : Gorakhpur is well connected by a road network and national Highway 72. The tourist can reach to Gorakhpur by taxi. The normal Indian taxi charges of Rupees 8 to 20 will be charged for each km.

By Other : Auto rickshaws are easily available for moving about in the city.

Top HotelsAdd

Budget  – Up to Rs. 800
  • Royal Residency Hotel ; Golghar, Gorakhpur, UP 273001. ; Ph – 099 35 010000 ; Facilities – Travel Desk ,24-hour front desk ,Laundry ,Parking ,24-Hour Security ,Concierge.
Economy – Up to Rs. 801 to Rs. 1200
  • Shivoy Hotel ; Opp Townhall, Gorakhpur, UP 273001. ; Ph – 0551 233 8448 ; Facilities – Travel Desk ,24-hour front desk ,24-hour room service ,Laundry ,Parking ,24-Hour Security ,Concierge.
Deluxe – Up to Rs. 801 to Rs. 1200
  • Hotel President ; Golghar, Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, Golghar, Vindyawasini Nagar, Gorakhpur, UP 273001. ; Ph – 0551 223 1199 ; Facilities – Shopping ,Travel Desk ,24-hour front desk ,24-hour room service ,Air conditioning ,Laundry ,Parking ,24-Hour Security ,Banquet facilities ,Doctor on call.
Luxury – Rs. 2501 and above
  • Clark Hotel ; Gorakhpur, UP. ; Ph – 0551 220 5015Facilities – Travel Desk ,24-hour front desk ,24-hour room service ,Air conditioning ,Laundry ,Parking ,24-Hour Security ,Concierge ,Banquet facilities ,Doctor on call.

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  • Galaxy Restaurant ;  Bank Road, Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, Bank Rd, Golghar, Vindyawasini Nagar, Gorakhpur, UP 273001 ; M –  N.A. ; Food Serve :  N.A.
  • Chaudhary Restaurant ;  Park Rd, Shahpur, Gorakhpur, UP 273001 ; M –  N.A. ; Food Serve :  N.A.
  • Sharda Dinings ;  Gorakhnath, National Highway 29, Rajendra Nagar, Gorakhpur, UP 273015 ; M –  098 38 602817 ; Food Serve :  Indian.

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  • Juvena Herbal Beauty Clinic & Aryuvedic Spa ;  Gol Garh, Gorakhpur Ho, Gorakhpur – 273001. ; Ph/M – (0551) 2342443 ; Cost:  N.A. ; Services –  N.A.


Khichadi Mela

Khichadi Mela

Khichadi Mela ; Venue:  N.A. ; Period :  14th January ; Details:  It is the famous fair of the most famed shrine of Guru Gorakhnath and is one of the major Gorakhpur attractions. Khichadi Mela is celebrated for one month long and starts from 14th January every year. Several lakhs of pilgrims and tourists visit the temple during the Mela.

Safety / WarningEdit

  • Beware of pickpockets as Gorakhpur is a major tourist city in India.
  • Avoid false saller, they may sale you fake items.


  • Ambulance : 102
  • Fire Brigade : 101
  • Police : 100




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