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Buxar is located in the Indian state of Bihar. This town is a very popular tourist destination in the region as it lies in the banks of the river Ganga, and is an ancient town that is of great historical importance. The town lies in the Buxar district in the state. Buxar is also an eco tourist destination that is packed to the brim with monuments and places of religious interest. There are many adventurous options in Buxar too, like options for indulging in activities like kayaking and water sports. You can visit Chausagarh during your trip to Buxar, which is a place of great historical significance involving popular icons like Humayan and Sher Shah. This place has many ancient ruins that you can visit, and history buffs will love this place. You can also visit the Patna museum, which is another popular destination in Buxar. There are many bronze images in this museum that date back to ancient times. Another huge museum is located in the town of Buxar, known as the Sitaram Upadhyaya Buxar Museum. This is the right place to visit if you are looking for all the information you can get about the region of Buxar. There are many old sculptures here as well. The region of Buxar enjoys a sub tropical climate, and the main seasons in the town are those of summer, monsoon and winter. Summers in Buxar are hot and winters are mild. The best time to visit Buxar would be during the winter.

Ram Rekha Ghat, Buxar

Ram Rekha Ghat, Buxar

Quick Facts-Edit

Category : Historical

Time Zone: UTC + 5:30 Hours

Pincode: 802101

STD Code: 6183

Info Website: buxar.bih.nic.in

Best Time to Visit:  October – March


Buxar has been historically popular ever since the epic period for being the seats of legendary saints, battlefield of Gods and Demons according to Puranas and a combat area between foreign invasion and locals in modern history. The findings from archaeological excavations have linked Buxar with ancient civilizations of Mohanjodaro and Harappa.Buxar has a modern historical record limited to two battles. The first of the two was fought between the Mughal dynastic descendant Humayun and Sher Shah Suri at a place known as Chousa during 1539 A.D. The battle was won by Sher Shah Suri who is held in high esteem for his visionary contribution for the Grand Trunk Road project. Eventually, in 1764 Battle of Buxar was fought. Even in Hindu religious scriptures, Buxar is considered for various references such as “Siddhashram”, “Vedgarbhapuri”, “Karush”, “Tapovan”, “Chaitrath”, “VyaghraSar”. Many people profess that the history of Buxar belongs to even prior to the era of Ramayana.

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How to ReachEdit

By Air : Travelling to the town of Buxar by flight is not possible as the town does not have a proper airport. The nearest airport is located in the city of Patna, which is located at a distance of around 129 kilometers away from Buxar. The airport in Patna will have regular flights to many destinations, including Chennai, Lucknow, Kolkata, Ranchi, Mumbai, New Delhi, and Bhopal. Lok Nayak Jayaprakash Airport (Patna Airport)

By Train : The town of Buxar has a railway station that is well connected to the cities and towns of Howrah, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, and New Delhi. Trains to Buxar from the city of Mumbai will be available in a daily basis.

By BUS : N.A.

By Taxi : Buxar is well connected by a road network and national highways. The tourist can reach to Buxar by taxi. The normal Indian taxi charges of Rupees 8 to 20 will be charged for each km.

By Other : N.A.

Top HotelsAdd

Economy – Up to Rs. 801 to Rs. 1200
  • Hotel Ambassador ; SH 13, Buxar, BR 802101. ; Ph – N.A. ; Facilities – Doctor on call,Travel Desk, 24-hour front desk, 24-hour room service,Air conditioning, Laundry, Parking.
Deluxe – Up to Rs. 801 to Rs. 1200
  • Jai Narayan goel smriti bhavan ; Satyadeo Ganj, Buxar, BR 802101. ; Ph – N.A. ; Facilities – Non-smoking rooms,Dry cleaning/laundry, Travel Desk, 24-hour front desk,24-hour room service, Air conditioning,Laundry.
Luxury – Rs. 2501 and above
  • Apsara Hotel Buxar ; Station Rd, Buxar, BR 802101. ; Ph – 074 28 414573 ; Facilities – Travel Desk, 24-hour front desk,24-hour room service,Air conditioning,Conference facilities,Elevators, Laundry,Parking.

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  • Namak ;  Thatheri bazar oppsite, Tilak complex. Buxar. ; M –  N.A. ; Food Serve :  Indain.

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Chatth Puja

Chatth Puja

Chatth Puja ; Venue:  N.A. ; Period :  March ; Details:  It is the main Hindu festival of the state. Chatth Puja is celebrated twice in a year. It is once celebrated in Chaitra (March) and second in Kartik (November). This festival is dedicated to the Surya Shashti, the Sun God.

Safety / WarningEdit

  •  Beware of pickpockets as Buxar is a major tourist city in India.
  •  Beware of fake items. Better to buy from reputable shops even though you have to pay more..


  • Ambulance : 102
  • Fire Brigade : 101
  • Police : 100




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